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Success stories from iOS Code Camp alumni


Another iOS Code Camp Alumnus Publishes First App! Here’s How You Can Do It!

Love when I get that success email from an iOS Code Camper. Former iOS Code Camp members have been publishing apps like mad: we’ve had games, apps for airline pilots, custom reminder apps and even an app to help people who diabetes!

Now, another Code Camper has published an app that’s going to help a lot of people in the medical community. Jadie Barringer just launched Critical through his company The Barringer Group, LLC.

What’s the Critical iPhone App?

Here is the description right from the website,

Welcome to Critical, one of the best iPhone medical apps available on the app store. Critical is an educational tool and reference guide that seeks to provide healthcare professionals with the framework to become better clinicians. Please take the time to explore and check out the screenshots and the interactive videos that will help you visualize how this application will work for you. Critical offers a host of references including: Pediatrics, RSI, Lab Values, Hemodynamics, Intraortic Balloon Counter Pulsation (IABP), Waveform Capnography, Imaging and much more here. It also features images, diagrams, and interactive videos in high-definition to teach you what to look for in real life. All of these educational references are bundled into one iPhone application.

Intense right? If you are a medical professional this is one to check out.  Follow this link to find out more about Critical and how you can get it.

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Congrats to Wayne at Mobile Slinger

Just wanted to drop a quick mention to Wayne from Mobile Slinger. Wayne attend the first iOS Code Camp and is doing some exciting thing with Mobile Slinger.  Wayne’s most recent app is called Kick Timer which you can try out for free by clicking here.

Here is what Wayne had to say about iOS Code Camp and iMAM:

Your new site looks great! Just finished your survey. Sorry been MIA for a bit working so many late all nighters on releasing my first app. Been a whirlwind learning a ton of stuff. Even though I didn’t develop or right the code for my first app, I did all the designs etc. and worked with issues with the programmers. So my plan is over the next few months getting a Objective C class under my belt and then going back and doing all of your coursework back over again to start writing my own. Also over the next couple weeks doing I’m going to be honing my Marketing chops on as many things as I can. Then hopefully I can start develop a marketing e-book on what I find out over this next year. Anyway hope all is well and wish you much success with all the new programs you are putting together.

- Wayne, Mobile Slinger

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Congrats to eBook Reader Ned Robinson for Releasing Insulin Caddy!

Ned contacted me a while back to ask a few questions about flash and other iOS SDK alternatives.  But, I didn’t realize at first that he was an eBook reader and already has an app on the store called Insulin Caddy.  It’s always great to see these new app store successes like this.  Congrats Ned!

Ned’s app is part of a great niche (Medical) that another Code Camper is working on.  These high value and underserved niches are great places to make your mark in an otherwise saturated iOS app market.  Plus, you are providing a real service to real customers that can use your help.  Great stuff!

Click here to see the app store page for Insulin Caddy!

Here is what Ned had to say about my eBook, How to Make an iPhone App:


Great! Your eBook was amazing and I wouldn’t have gotten the app done with it!

Ned Robinson

BTW: if you would like to check out my eBook, iOS Code Camp or the other training that I offer just head on over to Mobile App Mastery Institute:


Code Camper App Success Story: ColdCalcPRO

Over the past few weeks, a Code Camper from this past summer iOS Code Camp session has been bringing it to the App Store. Rick from RSVP Multimedia is a long time reader and Code Camper, an airline point and now an Apple App Developer!

What is really cool about Rick’s story is that he has found a great niche that he is a part of – Airline Pilots.  This is great because you don’t really see that many apps for pilots and who better to create an app like that but a pilot.  This is a great lesson for your first few apps: find something that you know well and/or are very passionate about.  You’ll have a huge leg up on mastering app development and you will outclass our competition.

Here is some more information on Rick’s app ColdCalcPRO

ColdCalcPRO is a Cold Temperature Altitude Correction Calculator that uses the same engine as the ColdCalcMDA app however the “PRO” stands for “Profile”. In addition to the MDA, pilots are also given the HAA, correction and corrected values for the FAF as well as the Missed Approach & FPA ! ColdCalcPro is oriented in landscape mode maximizing the iPhone screen size to clearly visualize your altitudes on the approach profile.

Private pilots to Airline pilots will welcome the ease of use of this much needed utility ! Simply input your Airport Elevation, Charted FAF, MDA, M/A & FPA then simply “slide” in the airport temperature and you immediately have the HAA, correction to be applied as well as the corrected FAF, MDA, M/A & FPA to set ! Move the slider and see the corrections change dynamically in realtime .

Very Simple, Very Clean & Very Accurate !

Congratulations Rick! You can purchase Rick’s app from the Apple App Store by clicking here.

Hear What Rick Had to Say About iOS Code Camp


“What can I say Matt ! Just look at my two successful apps on the App store ! Your course was clear, informative and very personal. Helping us along with live answers to our frustrating mess-ups was first class & would have taken days if not weeks to figure out through books.
Your course was worth every penny and then some. After all that, you award us with s “Lifetime Membership” WOW ! Code Camp is a true no brainer !!!!!!!”

- Rick, Founder RSVP Multimedia Inc., created ColdCalcPROB and ColdCalcMDA iPhone apps

PS: Did you know that you can follow in Rick’s footsteps and sign up for iOS Code Camp? We start again in about a week and a half. Spots are limited so follow this link to iOS Code Camp to find out more and register today.