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Next iOS Code Camp Scheduled For May 7th

What are you doing in May? I hope you said, “Crushing It With iPhone Apps!”. That’s what I’ll be doing and helping 15 of my readers do the same at iOS Code Camp.

In the last iOS Code Camp I expanded the training program to six weeks covering about 60 hours worth of content and it’s proving to be the a great fit. This next time around, I’m retooling the entire program from the ground up. But, you still get access to the original program so now you will get twice the content!

What Do You Get With iOS Code Camp Again?

The purpose of iOS Code Camp is to get you up to speed as a mobile app developer as quickly as possible. Keeping this in mind, I provide you with:

  • High level conceptual content so you understand what’s going on
  • Practical hands-on source code labs so you can implement things on your own
  • Daily technical and coaching support provided by me so you don’t get stuck for long, I’ll even debug your lab code on camera
  • Weekly group coaching calls where we can have discussions about the topics your working on and get more insider details
  • Graduates of iOS Code Camp Get a Super Bonus!

    FYI: after you finish the program, you continue to have access to the content itself, all future content programs created for Mobile App Mastery Institute and you get to use the iMAM social network.

    Sounds Good Right?

    To learn more about iOS Code Camp click here: iOS Code Camp.

    BTW: There are only 15, 13 spots available total for each iOS Code Camp as of today.

    3 thoughts on “Next iOS Code Camp Scheduled For May 7th

    1. Matt,

      When I hit your site I got an offer for a download book on iOS development, I signed up using my email, got an email link that didn’t work (not when I pasted it either)

      I’m disappointed since I KNOW what giving my email “buys” me. That alone, I’m sorry to say, colors EVERYTHING you are selling, including the code camp.
      :( not happy at all about that. :) What I AM happy about was your storyboard tutorials, they were worth my time.

      1. Hi Amy,

        I’m sorry about that, the very first email that was sent should have a set of links and content. I’m going to forward you an email (that you should have received). This email is the first module for iOS Code Camp and also serves as the “Getting Started with iOS App Development” mentioned in the newsletter.

        One thing though: you must be able to view your email as HTML in order to see the content.

        1. :) Thanks, Matt! It turns out that it came in an email before you re-sent it (but thanks anyway).

          One of the automatic emails sends you to a dead link… it was there that I thought I’d find a download… so it’s a tad confusing.

          Anyway, thanks for sending it again and for the nifty Storyboard tutorials.

          Good luck with the code camp, I wish I could attend, but it’s not in my budget, unfortunately. (same song everyone is singing these days) I’m SURE that it will be well worth the money (I ALWAYS trade money for BRAIN INJECTIONS) The time it saves you will make it payoff in the long run. Perhaps next time for me though.


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