Is It Time To Upgrade Your Developer Skills For Mobile?

Is This You?

  • You know about object-oriented programming
  • You’re interested in the future of computing
  • It’s time to upgrade your skills with mobile
  • Having an iOS app for sale would be cool
  • Working with Apple products excites you
  • You would like to upgrade your earning potential by:
    • doing consulting
    • starting a mobile app publishing business
    • getting more leverage for that next raise

See The iOS Code Camp Announcement, Part One

See The iOS Code Camp Announcement, Part Two

Some Problems With In Person Training

  • Everyone knows live trainings (3-5 day boot camps) work great to learn new skills like iOS SDK, but…
  • Not everyone wants to travel
  • Not everyone can take 3-5 days away from family and work
  • Some people just need more than 3 days to absorb material that is this complex

So, Here is What I’m Doing For You

I’m taking everything from the 3 day intensive iPhone Boot Camps and spreading it out over three weeks and putting it all online live.

 Just to be clear, I’m not just talking about content but live presentations, coaching and mentoring

 How I Can Help You

  • Proven content system to help you up and running fast:
    • I don’t waste your time
    • Best practices, essential design patterns
    • Material is based on most up to date tools
  • Live presentations and live Q&A each day
  • Lab exercises with technical support to get you past the sticking points
  • Ongoing coaching both live and time-shifted to fit any schedule during the session


  • iOS Code Camp will take place for three weeks in August
  • Each weekday there will be a live presentation followed by live Q&A
  • Presentations will be recorded and made available quickly after the live sessions
  • Each weekday there will be a new lab exercise reinforcing the presentation content
  • I will be available via BaseCamp to answer any questions on the labs throughout the day


Week 1 – Essential iOS Design Patterns, Best Practices & Tools

  • Mobile Apps, XCode 4, Interface Builder, Hello World
  • Objective-C Object Oriented Programming
  • View Controllers, Singleton Model Classes, MVC
  • User Controls #1: Target-Action
  • User Controls #2: Delegation

Week 2 – UIKit and Core Data

  • Table Views
  • Navigation and Tab Bar Multipage Apps
  • Toolbars and In-App Email
  • Core Data I Introduction
  • Core Data II Advanced Features with Universal Apps *
  • * Universal apps work on iPhone and iPad

 Week 3 – Advanced Topics

  • Cloud Computing & Web Services
  • Making Magical and Responsive Apps with Threading
  • Split View, Popovers and iPad Apps
  • Core Location and MapKit
  • TBA: new content will be developed with class input

Summing It Up

  • iOS Code Camp will take place in August for three weeks
  • Each weekday new content with Q&A will be presented live and made available as a recording
  • Each weekday you’ll get a new hands-on lab and I’ll be here to answer questions if you get stuck
  • This training will be completely online  as well as live and time-shifted to fit any schedule
  • You’ll leave with the ability to create your own universal iOS app with advanced features

How To Join

  • I am only accepting 15 people for iOS Code Camp because I need to be sure I can accommodate everyone
  • The offer will be extended first to my existing customers
  • If any spots remain, I’ll expand the offer to my mailing list – you can sign up on the website
  • Finally, if we have any spots after all that I’ll release to the general public
  • Early next week I’ll start opening registrations up

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