iOS Code Camp FAQ Answered

Last week we announced the second iOS Code Camp that is happening this Fall. iOS Code Camp is the premier online training event where I personally coach you through learning the iOS SDK. This event takes place over three weeks entirely online with live presentations and ongoing interaction with me.

There has been a huge response so far with tons of interest. Some of the questions that I’ve got will probably interest you as well so I decided to repost them here.

I live in the UK, can I attend iOS Code Camp?

Yes.  iOS Code Camp takes place entirely online so you can attend no matter where you live without traveling.

When does iOS Code Camp start?

September 26th is the first day of iOS Code Camp.  The first meeting takes place at 2:30PM EST (New York Time).

How long will iOS Code Camp last?

iOS Code Camp runs for three weeks.  During that time you will work through 15 modules, each one bringing you closer to your goal of becoming an iOS app developer.

What if I get lost or fall really far behind?

Part of iOS Code Camp is coaching from me and that means that when you get lost you can immediately post a question and I’ll get back to you and clear things up, point you in the right direction or record a screencast of me debugging your lab app.

Also, you can re-visit all the modules post-iOS Code Camp as many times as you wish.

What do I need to have before showing up for iOS Code Camp?

You need a Mac with the latest version of XCode installed.  Also, you will need to be a registered Apple developer and have a decent understanding of object-oriented programming (not necessarily Objective-C).

Video: More About iOS Code Camp

Click the play button to hear and see more about iOS Code Camp

How do I sign up for iOS Code Camp?

Head over to to get all the details about iOS Code Camp and register.

PS: There are only a limited number of spots and they are going fast.

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