What do I need to make iPhone apps?

You’ll need some hardware and software, skills and certification to make apps for the iPhone.


  • A Mac OSX based computer (it has to be an Apple computer)
  • iPod or iPhone for testing

  • Software

  • Xcode (free download from the Apple App Store)

  • Skills

  • Objective-C Programming
  • iOS SDK
  • Product development
  • Marketing

  • Certification

  • Apple Developer Program ($99 per year)

  • What do I need to make iPad apps?

    iPad apps are created in the same way as iPhone apps and so you need the same stuff. See the question above. The only real difference is that iPad apps require a different mindset in terms of design because they have bigger screens and people use iPad apps for longer periods than iPhone apps.

    Come On! Do I really need to get a Mac?

    Yes. To make native iOS apps you’ll need the Mac. You can still create mobile websites that are very app-like on Windows or Linux with HTML 5. Also, you experiment with Objective-C on Windows with GNUStep and on the web with the very Objective-C like programming language Objective-J.

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