Are You Ready To Be an iOS Developer?

Jumping into file as an iOS developer is a big deal, especially if you’re planning on going the route of an independent app publisher.  You will need to invest time and money so you want to be sure that you are ready when you finally commit to jumping in.

Since launching iOS Code Camp the biggest question I’ve been getting is,

“Am I Ready To Do This?”

This question is phrased in different ways and each reflects a different way in which you may be ready or not.

Today I want to go over some of the concerns that new iOS developers express when debating on getting involved with mobile app development.

Do I Need To Know Programming?

Yes.  iOS development is programming and to get the most out of something like iOS Code Camp or any training like that you will need to understand at a high level how to do object oriented programming (OOP).

By “high level”, I mean that you need to understand how and why programmers use classes, objects, properties, methods, variables, if-then statements, loops and functions.  If you know what I’m talking about then you will be able to catch on.

BTW: Don’t worry about Objective-C

Many people signing up for iOS Code Camp or other live training that I’ve done are worried that they don’t know Objective-C specifically.  Don’t worry about that, no one knows Objective-C specifically until they do Mac or iOS development.  Most of my students just know something like Java and .Net and pick up Objective-C quickly.

Most OOP languages share concepts with Objective-C and you just need to learn the syntax.

BTW Again: You Don’t Need To Be a Comp-Sci Rockstar

iOS development can seem intimidating from the outside especially if you read your favorite developer’s blogs.  A lot of these guys are brilliant computer scientists and are writing blogs for other bright lights.  This can make Objective-C and iOS seem like rocket science and more difficult and abstract than they are.

Nothing is further from the truth.  Once you get over a few hurdles here and there you can get so much done quicker and easier than other programming platforms.  Apple has taken great pains to make iOS SDK extremely accessible to anyone who has a background in technology.

Bottom Line: you do need to have an idea about how OOP works.  If you don’t have this background, but still want to pursue app development you will need to take a course or do some more preparation.

How Motivated Are You?

This question comes phrased in many ways but always comes down to the fact that you may be interested in getting a new skill but your not really sure if you want to commit.  Being interested is one thing, but being committed to do something completely different is a whole other thing.

It means putting up with not being an expert in the new thing for a while.  It means accepting the fact that you may not fully understand this new thing for a while.  It’s also about taking a little risk – you really can’t know what this direction or venture will work out.  All that’s ok.

But, you really do need to ask yourself if you are truly ready, set and motivated.  When I decided to learn iOS I was willing to do anything: I spent all night and weekend learning iOS development.  When I needed even more help I flew out to the west coast at my own expense for a week to learn from Apple.

Frankly, it was grueling at times but I stuck with it because I wanted to make apps for than anything else in the world.

BTW: after three months of this difficult period iOS development literally became second nature to me.  With help that three months could have been shortened to as little as three weeks but unfortunatly there was a NDA in place at the time.

Bottom Line: are you motivated enough, right now, to do whatever you need to do to become an iOS developer?

PS: Did you know that we are almost sold out of iOS Code Camp seats?

iOS Code Camp is an online coaching program for developers who want to upgrade their skills and become iOS developers.  This is just like live in-person training except that we will use web conferencing software instead of making everyone travel to a hotel conference center.

iOS Code Camp is limited to 15 people because I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to partipate.  Starting August 15th we will meet each weekday at 2:30 – 4:30 PM EST to accommodate both coasts and Europe.  This session will go on for three weeks and will include the 30 hours of conferencing time as well as hands-on lab work to make sure that get the skills you are looking for.

Everything will be recorded and I will be available via email and BaseCamp to accommodate students who can’t make particular meeting times.

To secure one of the remaining 7 seats left for iOS Code Camp follow this link.



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